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DESCRIPTION:Taco mix is a textured vegetable protein product with a specially formulated taco flavor profile. This product offers a vegetarian alternative to regular meat tacos. Use in place of or in combination with the meat in casseroles, omelets, salads, baked potatoes, meat loaves, etc.Note: Once hydrated, this product should be handled as fresh meat.AVERAGE SERVINGS PER CAN:#10 can - 40 servings. 83 Calories Per Serving - $24.00#2 1/2 can - 14 servings. 83 Calories Per Serving - $7.25   INGREDIENTS:Textured Vegetable Protein (soy flour & caramel color), soybean oil, salt, autolyzed yeast, spices, dextrose, onion, garlic, paprika.This product is certified Kosher under the supervision of Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.