No Bake Custard Mix

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DESCRIPTION:Low Moisture No Bake Custard Mix. Add scalded milk and refrigerate for a delicious dessert. Add gello to custard, Add peanut butter for a nutty taste or simply make a fruit pizza use the custard as the sauce.  Very delicious for all sorts of desserts or plain!  AVERAGE SERVINGS PER CAN:#10 can - 128 servings, 50 Calories Per Serving - $38.25#2 1/2 can - 46 servings. 50 Calories Per Serving - $12.20INGREDIENTS:Sugar, dried egg yolk & egg white, algin gum, whey concentrate, carrageenan gum, glucono delta lactone, sodium caseinate, artificial flavors, salt, malto dextrin, mono & diglycerides, glyceryl lacto esters, sodium phosphates.