Corn Starch

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DESCRIPTION & USE: Excellent quality corn starch. Use in sauces, gravies, etc. AVERAGE SERVINGS PER CAN: #10 can - 227 Tbsp. - 30 Calories Per Serving - $13.10 each  INGREDIENTS:Corn starch Handy Tip: Cornstarch is the original baby powder.  For those with small children and infants, having extra cornstarch in your emergency supplies works great as baby powder.  In fact, cornstarch works better than modern baby powder because its comes from natural sources, it doesn't cut babies sensative skin.  Most children do not have sensativities to cornstarch like they would baby powder. Handy Tip #2: Cornstarch also is a GREAT cleaning product, soothes insect bites and sunburns, and is a natural odor eater!