Taking Adventure Foods to the Next Level with Ready Reserve Foods

Taking Adventure Foods to the Next Level with Ready Reserve Foods

We all love embarking on outdoor recreational trips. From mountain hikes down to delving deep into perilous trails, craving for the unknown gives that satisfying feeling that fills our inner adventurer. It’s nice to have a little stroll down to the woods or go camping in isolated hillside areas. Because at least you have something productive to do other than being a couch potato at your home.

Aside from the usual camping or hiking gear that we always carry, food is the most vital aspect of every adventure. How can we survive in the wilderness without food, right? But it isn’t just any food, but foods that are ready-to-eat in every situation. 

Suppose you are in the middle of the trail, and there’s no civilization on sight. You can’t just wait for a miracle that a gas stove will appear in front of you. That’s why it is vital to pack essential foods that you can munch on the go. Here at Ready Reserve Foods, we offer lots of ready-to-eat foods that are perfect for all your adventuring needs. All you need is some water (preferably heated over a campfire) and some of our delicious food blends!

The Importance of Quick to Prepare Adventure Foods 

When it comes to adventure, we don’t have to carry around food that needs time to prepare. You can’t just cook some pasta right in the middle of your camping session. Imagine yourself doing that, and then suddenly, a wild bear came dashing towards your tent. So what do you do? Escape and leave all things behind, including that time-consuming pasta you’re cooking. 

We also have foil cooking, but it comes with a lot of complicated rules to follow to ensure that everything inside the foil is adequately prepared. Not to mention, you need to have a special foil and other extra steps to do as well. This method is not always ideal for campers that want to enjoy the night without taking most of the time waiting for their food to be ready. 

And this is where canned goods come into play. And no, we are not talking about canned goods that you can find at the supermarket. We are talking about canned goods made by none other than Ready Reserve Foods. These are not just canned goods filled with the usual corned beef or sardines. But they contain meals that you can find on your dinner table. 

Ready Reserve Food Products for All Your Adventures

We mentioned earlier that Ready Reserve Foods offers plenty of food selections for all your adventuring needs. Here are three of them that we think are perfect for every outdoor escapade:

Mountain Stew

Price: $9.30

Feel at home with Ready Reserve Foods’ deliciously-prepared Mountain Stew. This stew crafted with select ingredients and fresh vegetables. Feed the entire camping troop with our #2½ can variant. Perfect for campers that are looking for an energy boost, this mountain stew is loaded to the brim with powerful nutrients. 

It contains fresh vegetables that are hand-cut to perfection paired with beef for that much-needed protein. The #2½ can serve up to 10-12 people. You can enjoy it as is or heat it under your campfire if you want to serve it hot. 


Spanish Rice Casserole

Price: $8.50

Tired of the usual dull and boring white rice? Level up with Ready Reserve Foods’ Spanish Rice Casserole. The #2½ can variant can serve up to 8-10 people and contains 110 calories per serving. The Spanish rice casserole is made from long-grain rice that’s mixed with vegetables, making it healthier and tastier. 

We also uses carefully select ingredients for the spices and flavoring to ensure that it retains its natural taste and nutrients while using fewer preservatives. The Spanish rice casserole goes well with any other meal you have in your pack. It’s rice with a twist!


Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

Price: $6.90

Craving for pasta in the middle of your adventure? Ready Reserve Foods has your back with the Macaroni & Cheese Dinner. Prepared with aged cheddar cheese and paired with milk and other flavorful ingredients, the Mac & Cheese dinner meal is a tasty classic. It doesn’t contain any food coloring, retaining its natural color with a taste that you will love. Each serving contains 130 calories, which is pretty average for a product like this. 

Don’t get fooled by its name. This mac & cheese is perfect for breakfast and lunch as well. Fancy watching the sunrise early in the morning while feeling the cold breeze of the air up in the mountains? Pair that with Ready Reserve Foods’ mac & cheese! Macaroni & Cheese Dinner is best served hot.


These three food items are just the beginning. You can visit the Ready Reserve Foods website and see our wide selection of preserved fruits & veggies, beverages, desserts, and more that is suited for your outdoor adventures. 


Your Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits

All food products made by Ready Reserve Foods are filled with all the essential nutrients your body needs for your outdoor adventure. They are not just flavorful foods with no nutritional value, but these are superfoods that will help you take on whatever hindrance may come in your way. 

When we go for trail hiking, camping, mountain climbing & trekking, our body gets used up every time we exert force. Of course, we have water to hydrate ourselves. But water is not enough to fill an empty stomach. We need nutrition to keep our bodies energized throughout our adventure. That’s why we believe that all food products available at Ready Reserve Foods are just what you need for a fun and engaging experience of a lifetime. 


Don’t Miss Out 

Are you preparing for a trip to the mountains this upcoming weekend? Now is the time to visit Ready Reserve Foods and order all the foods you want to eat for your entire venture. It’s better to hurry up while supplies are still up and about. Though keep in mind that shipping time may vary depending on your location. Remember to enjoy every moment of your adventure and make every memory of it a worthwhile experience.