Say Goodbye to Cooking in Times of Crisis with Ready Reserve Foods’ Entrées

Say Goodbye to Cooking in Times of Crisis with Ready Reserve Foods’ Entrées

Stockpiling food should be the norm that every household should follow. This is because being ready is your only lifesaver when crisis strikes out of nowhere. One must not rush towards the supermarket when an emergency has already taken into place. Because when doing so, you will probably be greeted with empty shelves and long cashier lines.

To save yourself and your family from trouble, stockpiling food should be done as early as possible. But what if the emergency that is going to happen affects your town’s water and electricity? A prime example will be a storm that causes a huge flash flood that almost wiped the entirety of your town.

When this happens, the water system is probably mixed with mud, and the electricity lines are broken for the time being. This results in no more time for cooking meals even though you have stockpiled enough ingredients for it.

But luckily, here at Ready Reserve Foods, we have a separate category for ready-made foods that you can eat anytime, anywhere. We call this our “Entrée” food line, which is filled with ready-to-eat foods without the need for cooking.

We believe that every customer should have access to food products that doesn’t require cooking. And this is why our Entrées exists for that reason. Below, let’s discuss how our entrées are perfect for every household in times of crisis.

No Time to Cook? No Problem!

The examples we have given above is most likely to happen during typhoons. But other disasters such as a tsunami or earthquakes may possess the same effect as well.

Enter Ready Reserve Foods Entrées, and you have yourself something to eat in just mere seconds. Our entrées are made with survivalists in mind. That’s why we store them securely in cans so you can just pop it open whenever it’s time to eat.

But isn’t that just the same as canned goods, you say? Yes, but our entrées are more than just canned goods. Instead of having the usual sardines or corned beef that you usually get in canned goods, our entrées are meals that are made using our products here at Ready Reserve Foods.

Satiating Your Tummy One Entrée at a Time

So what do we have in our entrée food line? Here’s a list of them:

Mountain stew – Our mountain stew is packed with protein and all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. It consists of veggies such as potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, and beef. The mountain stew is made with old-fashioned flavor just like how your grandma makes stews back in the days. Our mountain stew is perfect for rainy weather, especially when you heat it first before serving it into the table.

Vegetable noodle soup – For vegans, we got you! Our vegetable noodle soup is made from egg noodles along with eight different vegetables that are paired with fresh spices. This gives you that deliciously spicy kick in every spoon. Our vegetable noodle soup is best served hot so make sure to heat it before eating.

Macaroni & cheese dinner – Craving for pasta but your favorite Italian store in town is closed because of the crisis? Worry no more with our macaroni & cheese dinner entrée. Preparing this one is pretty ease. You just need to boil them in hot water for a few minutes and voila! your mac & cheese is now ready to eat. It’s perfect as an afternoon snack or a main course meal for everyone to enjoy.

Old fashioned soup mix – Made from the finest ingredients in our vegetable line of products, our soup mix is ready to eat just by adding hot water and mixing it well. It also comes with a chicken soup base for added flavor too. The fun part? It has an alphabet pasta for added texture and variety to the ingredients. The old fashioned soup mix is the perfect entrée for stormy seasons. You can also pair it with a cup of coffee to give yourself that much-needed warmth.

Stroganoff Casserole – Looking for the ultimate meal for the whole family? The Stroganoff Casserole is what you need. This casserole comes with egg noodles, beef-flavored textured vegetable protein, and other ingredients from our product line. The Stroganoff Casserole is the perfect dish that can satiate everyone in the family. It can also make you feel full for longer as well so you don’t have to binge eat all your stockpiled food items.

More entrée food items will come in the coming months so make sure to visit our site more often. Feel free to contact us on our social media pages and give us suggestions on what food products you want to see in our entrée line. We are working hard as a team to continually expand our line of products not just entrées, but also our other food categories as well.

Get The Best of Both Worlds of Delicious Food and Nutrition

Here at Ready Reserve Foods, our goal is to provide nutritious and delicious food to our consumers. So rest assured that our food items don’t contain any kinds of harmful ingredients that may negatively affect your health.

Feel free to explore our site and you will find a handful of food products such as dehydrated fruits & veggies, drinks, desserts, kitchen essentials, and a whole lot more. You see, we don’t only provide entrées, but also other food items that you might like as well.

Stockpile Now with Ready Reserve Foods

There is no better time than to stockpile food items than now. So head to our main page and browse our wide catalog of food products and order today. Do keep in mind that shipping time may vary depending on your location. But we are working tirelessly to deliver your orders as soon as possible, especially considering that the pandemic is still in its active state.

So what are you waiting for? Look no further with Ready Reserve Foods for all your food stockpiling needs.