Excitement Arises as National Parks Are Reopening Again

Excitement Arises as National Parks Are Reopening Again

It’s been four months since the coronavirus pandemic has shut the world for the time being. Businesses, establishments, concerts, conferences, and any kinds of live events have been put into a halt for the sake of everyone’s safety.

However, some businesses have reopened their doors once again despite the situation. Just recently, reports have been flying all over the news about national parks reopening again. National parks and recreational areas in the US are gradually getting back into business as the world continued to heal from the mess that the virus created.

This exciting news has put a mixed bag reception to everyone. Some are opposed to it since the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, but a majority of people are overflowing with joy as they get their bags ready to head into these parks.

Oh Nature. We Missed You So Much!

Being locked down into our homes in a span of four months is such a bore. Most of us are probably very unproductive just sleeping around or watching our favorite Netflix series all day long. But with national parks having their doors opened again, there’s now a reason to get out of our homes and feel what nature has to offer once again.

Who doesn’t love to be with nature? The smell of trees swaying gracefully into the wind, rock formations that form picturesque images, frolicking wildlife that are peacefully living in their natural habitat, and the sound of river beds flowing down streams.

These national parks are surely a sight to behold. And this is why a lot of adventure seekers and travelers are looking for its grand reopening to get a taste of nature despite the sorrowful situation we are in. And if you haven’t been into national parks just yet, maybe now is the time to do just that.

Implementing Safety Measures is Still a Priority

Reopening national parks is a huge risk that the US has taken amidst the pandemic. This is why safety measures are still being implemented to keep visitors safe knowing that the coronavirus pandemic is still spreading up to this day.

This means that some of these parks have limited operations. The US National Park Service (NPS) is doing modified operations of all the parks in the country. This means you will be greeted with limited facilities that are only going to be available once the pandemic completely subsides.

The NPS stated in their website that every visitor should “recreate safely and responsibly.” This resulted in no high-risk outdoor activities and everyone is encouraged to follow the “Leave No Trace” principles. These principles consist of disposing of waste properly, respecting wildlife, do responsible camping etiquettes, and more.

And of course, never forget to wear your face mask and practice social distancing too. Not to mention, bringing the essentials such as alcohol or hand sanitizers. Being a responsible visitor is the key to flattening the curve even when visiting national parks amidst the pandemic.

Bringing the Right Foods to Eat While Camping at National Parks

There’s so much fun to do at national parks, and one of them is spending the night camping with your friends or family. Fancy camping during the weekend on these national parks? Then knowing the right foods to bring is a must. Here are some factors to consider what foods to bring in national parks.

Ready to eat foods – Camping at national parks is a lot more fun when you spend less time waiting for your foods to be cooked. This is why it is crucial to bring foods that are ready to eat, especially canned goods or other food packs such as dehydrated products that you can munch on the go.

Nutritious food items – Keeping your health at its peak is vital, especially in our current time where the coronavirus showing no signs of stopping yet. Eating nutritious foods gives your immune system its much-needed boost up. And that’s why it is important to bring food items such as granola bars, fruits, and veggies for your daily dose of nutrients even if you’re spending most of the time outdoors.

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Love Our Nature. Explore National Parks.

It may be a bit alarming to visit these reopened national parks because of the ongoing pandemic. But as long as you follow safety measures, then you will be fine. Just minimize social interaction and stick with your group as you enjoy the scenery of what nature brings into the table. Remember, being responsible in times of crisis is a useful survival skill.

Appreciate the beauty of those exquisite rock formations, the loud cry of waterfalls as it streams down into the river bed, the warm greetings of wild animals, and the fresh smell of trees that cleanses the air in the surrounding area. National parks are truly a blessing that nature created for us to cherish.

Of course, don’t forget to bring your food essentials you ordered from Ready Reserve Foods too. Keep your tummy satiated and your health at its peak with Ready Reserve Foods as you camp for days in these national parks.