Everything You Need to Know About Ready Reserve Foods’ “Ready Kit”

Everything You Need to Know About Ready Reserve Foods’ “Ready Kit”

In times of emergency, stockpiling food supplies is our main priority, aside from the usual bathroom essentials and medical kits. But with a plethora of food items being out of stock at stores, it can be a bit of a challenge to buy them without racing towards supermarket shelves of who gets it first.

But today, we are going to end that frustration of yours with Ready Reserve Foods' "Ready Kit." From the name itself, you can feel that this is the ultimate food kit to get. So what's the deal with this "Ready Kit" anyway? In this article, we are going to enlighten you about everything you need to know about our upcoming "Ready Kit" here at Ready Reserve Foods. 

Your #1 Companion for Stockpiling Foods

The Ready Kit is our most exciting product yet. This food kit consists of 23 cans, each containing different kinds of food items. It is securely sealed in a large box and comes with a free can opener as well. The Ready Kit is future-ready, with each food items have up to 25-35 years of shelf life.

The Ready Kit is the ideal choice for stockpiling food items in times of an emergency. So whatever kind of crisis will come in your way, Ready Kit is here to save and fill your stomach from hunger.

When crisis strikes, we don't have time to prepare meals that can fit for the entire day. Being prepared for any emergency is precisely what the Ready Kit is all about. Whenever it becomes difficult to buy food at your local grocery store, the Ready Kit provides comfort and peace of mind that your family is taken care of.

Here at Ready Reserve Foods, we always think about how our customers can benefit from our products without the extra hassle. And after myriads of planning and meetings, we came up with the Ready Kit, which is your ultimate companion to keep you satiated and filled with nutrients when crisis strikes.   

Gives You All the Nutrition You Need in One Package

Whether you're looking for fruits, veggies, or proteins for that much-needed craving, then look no further with our Ready Kit. Each can contains various nutritious foods such as apple strips, carrot slices, egg mix, salad blend, green garden peas, and more.

And if you're looking for restaurant-grade meals to satisfy your cravings, the kit also has mac & cheese, Spanish rice casserole, mountain stew, and the like. If you're looking for a quick snack, the package also contains Yukon biscuits, orange-flavored drink, cinnamon-apple granola, and date pieces. Ready Reserve Foods' Ready Kit is indeed your all in one partner to keep your stomach happy and full in times of emergency. 

It can be a daunting experience to look for nutritious foods, for example, when a pandemic or natural disaster occurs. In that kind of situation, stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores shut down for an indefinite amount of time. But with Ready Reserve Foods' Ready Kit, nutrition is just one can opener away. 

Enough for the Whole Family 

Our Ready Kit can feed a family of four for up to a week. That is why it is essential to stockpile Ready Kits that can last for a month as long as you can afford it. What's best about this food kit is that most food needs a light reconstitution, and it's "ready" to eat! All you need is to heat it and eat to your heart's content. With Ready Reserve Foods' Ready Kit, your family will get its much-needed nutrients in every bite. Each Ready Kit is packaged as a 6-Day supply that will feed a family of four. For only one person, the Ready Kit could last an entire month!

Proper Storage is Key

Our Ready Kit will also last much longer if you store it properly in a cool and dry place. Each food item is placed inside a #2-1/2 can, which is small enough to fit everywhere, such as your pantry, food cabinet, or garage. You get the comfort of storing it anywhere at your disposal without worrying about storage space.

With proper storage, not only will it last for decades, but also the quality of the food will remain intact without showing any signs of spoilage. Just make sure that you keep it away from direct sunlight or avoid putting them inside the fridge with super cold temperatures.  

It's Going to Be Worth the Wait

Due to the current pandemic, our Ready Kit is not available on our site. But rest assured that you can order yours in the coming weeks. We are doing our best to prepare as many Ready Kits as we can to cater to your needs. Building trust is one of our goals here at Ready Reserve Foods, so rest assured that you will get quality food products in every package. 

And also, don't forget to check our website more often in the coming months as we are going to expand our Ready Kit package choices. A few months from now, you will be greeted with more options with different food products in each Ready Kit package. We always want our customers to have the freedom of choice when it comes to buying products here at Ready Reserve Foods. 

For the time being, feel free to browse our site and explore our food catalog. We have different sections dedicated to preserved foods, entrees, kitchen essentials, beverages, desserts, fruits, veggies, and more. At Ready Reserve Foods, you will never run out of choices. All of our food items are best for camping, stockpiling, or just eating it on the go. 

If you're going to order, keep in mind that shipping time may vary because of the coronavirus pandemic. So don't be surprised to experience a little bit of delay for the products to reach your front door. But rest assured that we are doing our best here at Ready Reserve Foods to deliver them as soon as possible.

Stay safe, stay Ready!