All About Our Instant Non-Fat Milk

All About Our Instant Non-Fat Milk

In a world where everything is a rush, the need for “instant” products is a must. And this is why instant non-fat milk is here for a reason. Gone are the days where you have to put your bottles outside your home and wait for the milkman to refill it. Today, a quick shop at the grocery gives you a variety of options for milk products where you can shop all you want.

Instant milk mix saves you even more time. Say, for example, making coffee from coffee beans. You don’t need any special kitchen devices just to prepare some milk, unlike brewing coffee. You only need to get your mug, pour in some few tablespoons of instant milk, add some water, and then you’re done. The same thing can also be said for other “instant products” be it soup, coffee, cocoa, and more. The rise of “instant” products is growing every day. And we are glad we hopped onto the bandwagon to deliver you our healthiest milk drink that you’ll love.

Our Best “Instant” Product Yet

If you are tired of the same old instant milk mix you always find in the market, then you haven’t tried our product yet. Here at Ready Reserve Foods, we always value quality for our customers that other competitors can’t give. Allow us to introduce our very own Instant Non-Fat Milk Mix, available in our #10 and our #2 ½ cans. You can now enjoy having milk-on-demand with these handy cans in your pantry. The best part is our milk is packaged to ensure it’s longevity. If there’s ever a time you may find that fresh milk is hard to find at the store, our milk has a shelf life of 10-15 years. So stock up and be ready for any unforeseen milk shortages that may occur.

This instant milk drink is made from fresh pasteurized nonfat milk, which means no added chemicals and no preservatives, and no artificial additives to enhance its flavor. What you get is pure non-fat milk that is filled with vitamins and minerals to give you stronger bones and muscles for a healthier well-being. Drinking this milk in the morning and before bedtime will give your body its much-needed nutrients so you can conquer the day and have a good night's sleep afterward.

Nutrition for Everyone

Our Premium Instant Non-Fat Milk Mix is fortified with nutrients for a healthier you. Here at Ready Reserve Foods, we never compromise when it comes to bringing quality products to our consumers. If you want to take a look at how healthy our milk mix is, here’s a quick rundown of its nutrition specs per serving:

The prime ingredient of our product is the extra grade non-fat dry milk. It is made with the process of removing the fat and water from the cow’s milk that results in a dried powder that is easily soluble in water.

You can get your much-needed energy boost up thanks to Vitamin A and D. Want stronger bones and leaner muscles? This product is filled with protein and calcium compared to our competitors. Not to mention, its high amount of iron and potassium is essential for your body too. You will feel alive, alert, and awake with our Instant Non-Fat Milk Mix.

It’s No Ordinary Drink

Our instant milk is a wonderful option for a healthy drink during each meal. What we find many customers using our product for, however, is the plethora of cooking applications that powdered milk offers. We usually see TV commercials only use condensed or evaporated milk as an ingredient. But our powdered instant milk mix loves to break the rules. Want to make your dishes healthier and creamier? Say no more - with our Instant Non-Fat Milk Mix, bid farewell to boring meals and say hello to healthier, tastier, and creamier ones when you add this product as an ingredient.

And don’t just take our word for it, you should try it out for yourself and see the difference. Making carbonara or cream soup? This instant milk mix is perfect for that! To be honest, it goes great with whatever dish you want to create, not just these two. If you want to experience restaurant-grade dishes? Our Instant Non-Fat Milk Mix is the magic ingredient you need to take your culinary expertise to the next level.

Storage Is Important

Just like any other instant products, this one also needs proper storage. The more you store it properly, the longer it will last. For our product, you need to store it in a cool and dry place, preferably below 80°F and low humidity areas (<65% RH). Make sure that your pantry is clean, secured, and free from any insects such as spiders or roaches that might be lurking in. You can also store it inside the refrigerator, but make sure to adjust the temperature level to prevent it from freezing overnight. Freezing your milk powder is never recommended as ice crystals may form and reintroduce water into the product. Ultimately this will reduce the shelf-life of your product. With proper storage, you will be able to use our product for long without worrying about the expiration date.

Get Yours While Supplies Lasts

If you want a nutritious milk drink or want to make your dishes even healthier and tastier, then look no further than our Instant Non-Fat Milk Mix. You can get yours today by ordering online on our website. But hurry! Our stocks are limited, and you should get it as fast as possible while supplies last. We are working hard to make sure our products are accessible to anyone, and this milk mix is just the start. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today by clicking the button below!