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I am impressed!

I AM IMPRESSED!! I received my order tonight and I opened up the box and all I can say is WOW! The quality of the survival products is AMAZING, a Gas Shutoff wrench that is ACTUALLY MADE IN THE USA!!! The survival book is mind blowing, the first aid kit is jammed packed! Where have you been all my life?? ;) I am going to make sure that everyone I know and meet will know about your company! I will make SURE that they order from you and are ready when the big one hits or something unexpected. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you again Ready Reserve, you folks get it!

-James N., Orange, CA

Report on use of 30 year old product

Dear friends at Ready Reserve Foods,

I wanted to write in appreciation of your fine products. Presently we are going through some very tight times at the moment awaiting an estate settlement. It isn’t just for national emergencies that preparation is necessary. Little did we know that a protracted estate dispute, lasting over 5 years now, would leave us depleted of funds and needing to dig into our food storage. You can be sure that once we receive the estate distribution, we will not only be re-stocking our supplies, but indeed adding to them, and Ready Reserve, based on the quality which I’ll describe below, will be our very first choice. With storm clouds looming, so to speak, it looks as if there are tough times looming ahead for our land, and indeed the entire world.

Report on Use of 30 Year Old Product:
Presently we are digging in to some of your great products which are somewhere over 30 years old and have found the level of preservation to be astounding and I thought that before I posed the question below, that I would give you all a report on some of your excellent products which we’ve been using. Here’s a report on two of the products:

The Oatmeal (Quick Rolled Oats) was actually far better than what we have been buying from the grocery store, perhaps because what we’re buying now from the local grocery store is genetically modified. We were amazed at the excellent quality of the quick rolled oats, and have had many a great breakfast oooo’ing and ahhh’ing over the delicious oatmeal!

The dried milk was also of what we would say is very high quality even though it has been packaged for over 30 years!

Looking on the bright side, this “tough time” we’re going through right now has been a real awakening to the value of our food storage and the need to further expand our preparedness as a first priority as soon as we are again back on our feet financially.


Thank you very much for your fine work.

I have no complaints and thank you very much for your fine work. Hats off to packer, Cindy, for doing an excellent job,the packing was very tight, with no load shifting….

-Edward G. “A happy customer”, Stockton, CA

Thanks for great service.

Dear Mr. Sibley,

On January 19th, I called your company with some questions concerning ordering over the Internet. I talked with a lady named Tiffany, she was very professional and answered all of my questions, so I ended up placing an order over the phone. I received the order this past Friday.

There was a note that a lady named Cindy put the order together. The order was complete, and it arrived…in excellent condition. In fact there were only a few small tears in the shrink wrap, and looked liked it just came out of your warehouse…You are truly fortunate to have the two ladies that helped me on your staff. For many businesses, service doesn’t mean what it used to. I have sent your Internet link to five of my friends, and I will be placing another order tomorrow. Thanks for great service…

-Tom F., Prattville, AL

I'm impressed with your quality.

Last fall I ordered a FAMILY UNIT, an ADD-ON SIDE DISH, and an ADD-ON MAIN DISH. At the beginning of November I was in a car accident. I ended up being out of work until January. The driver of the car that hit me not only had no license or insurance but he was detained and deported. After 2 weeks we started trying out your products. We started with the smaller cans in the add-on side dishes and add-on main dishes. Around the holidays we opened a couple of the #10 cans. I’m impressed with your Quality. I was expecting it to be something you would only eat if your starving to death. I’m actually glad we had a chance to try out our food storage. It’s unfortunate that I had to be injured to try it…I’m back to work full time starting last week. I’ve decided to replace what we used while I was out of work.

I’m not mad at the man that hurt me and damaged my car. I’ve moved on. Although he had no insurance at least I had Food Insurance with Ready Reserve Foods…

-Frank D., Phoenix, AZ

We found cases of RRF, still in the original boxes.

We recently had a family homestead barn collapse due to a hurricane. While cleaning out the barn for demolition, we found cases and cases of Ready Reserve Foods, still in the original boxes. Most cans in really good condition (no rust, labels intact, still in boxes). The dates on the cans were 1972. There were a variety of items, from wheat to potato granules, to instant milk to scrambled eggs!

Needless to say the entire family was intrigued by this find. Our family has lived at the Ohio farm for over 30 years and we were unaware these items were in the barn…To my amazement, when I “Googled” the information on the box, your company is still in existence, still using the same logo – it was like finding buried treasure!!! This find has prompted much discussion between our family members and friends…As a result of the hurricane and the loss of power, and finding these items – it made us start thinking that we do need to plan for emergencies.

We were totally unprepared for this small emergency, what if there were a really big incident?…We plan to look into this now that we know it is available…

-Becky B., Ohio

Thanks again for time and personal attention to our order.

Thanks for your fast follow-up and also for telling me of your favorite products. I’m glad we selected the most cost-effective shipping and look forward to sampling your products when they arrive. .. Thanks again for time and personal attention to our order…

-Craig F., Cedar Park, TX

I'm impressed...your customer service is refreshing!

Dear Ready Reserve,
I recently ordered 6 #10 cans of food and unfortunately they arrived in damaged condition. (It looked like the shipping company ran over them). So I called and talked to Tiffany. She put together a new order and shipped it out the next day, (using a different shipping company), and sent the previous shipper back by my home to pick up the damaged cans, at no charge to me. I’m impressed! To find any kind of customer service in the year 2009 is refreshing! We will definitely do business in the future!

- T.Grant, Omaha NE.

You guys deserve a medal!


I have received my order and everything arrived in good shape…there was one box you can tell it was stepped on but none of the cans were damaged. You did a wonderful job of packing it. I never have had such care with anything I have ever gotten over the computer…you guys deserve a medal!!! I congratulate you for your diligence and concern with my order. Thank you!

Warmly, Patty R.

My family can sleep better at night.

Hello! We received our food!!! Thank you for all you do. I know that I nor you can stop the events that are taking place in the world, however, because of your products, my family can sleep better at night—or at least Mama can!

God bless you and your staff.

Angie B - Chatsworth, GA
Ready Reserve Foods

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