Have you tested the quality of your product after 10 or 15 years?

It’s unfortunate, but there have been a lot of fly-by-nights that have come and gone in this industry. Other companies don’t even let you know where they are located and don’t have a physical address. This should be a real red flag when you are purchasing a product that must retain it’s quality for 10 to 15 years or more. I mean, how do you know that a company who is selling you emergency food that is supposed to last 10 years really has a product that will last that long if they haven’t even been in business for that length of time? At Ready Reserve foods, we’ve been in business since 1972 and our food has been tested after storage for 10, 15, 20 years and even longer. The bottom line is this—when it comes to Food Storage, can you afford to take a risk? In the event of an emergency, do you want to open a can of food only to find that it’s been spoiled because of inferior packing methods? So, before you buy food from any company, be sure to ask if their food products have been tested after the duration of the advertised shelf life.