Food and Water

A survival food supply with drinking water are the most vital necessities in the event of an emergency. Try to imagine what it would be like to live for a week without food or water. Could a situation of that magnitude really take place? Well, what about the Northridge earthquake in 1994, or Hurricane Andrew, or September 11, 2001? All of these situations posed a serious threat to food and water supplies by severing normal supply lines.

You may ask, “where do I start?” Take an inventory of all food items you have on hand. With a marker, date your canned food such as fruits and vegetables, and pastas so that you can use the oldest ones first. This is the start to assembling a complete survival food storage program. Forecast the needs of your household based on what your family eats and begin adding them to your pantry.

Discover our Predesigned Food Storage Units with enough food for your family for a specific time period of your choice.

Water and ways to purify it is the most important piece to the survival puzzle. Most people cannot go more than a couple of days without drinking water. Not only do you need water for drinking, but for bathing, cleaning, reconstitution, and cooking. It is vital to have water storage available.

Discover our portable water purifiers and drinking water filters to protect your family:

  • Water purification
  • Water Barrels, pumps, spigots, and bung wrenches
  • Prepackaged storable water for the car
  • “Sweetwater” water purifier
  • Berkey Light Water Purifier & fluoride and arsenic reduction filters

How many people are going to wait until the last minute to stock their pantry with emergency food or to fill their water barrels? Prepare for tomorrow with water storage, drinking water filters, and emergency food. Grocery stores only carry 48-72 hours worth of food for their neighborhood. There isn’t enough for everyone to stock up.

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The Prepared Citizen's Guide to Emergency Food Supplies is full of great information for every responsible citizen who recognizes their duty to prepare their family in case of an emergency. Download this FREE guide in PDF format by simply clicking on the image above.

For more resources, be sure to watch the other family preparedness videos available here on our website.