Ready Reserve Foods for Canadian Customers

Ready Reserve Foods, Inc. offers most of the food and preparedness items to our Canada customers. However, a couple of food types carry extremely high tariff rates and special Canada Customs regulations. To ensure your order arrives in Canada as worry-free as possible, all Canadian orders must be placed directly through Enviroharvest Inc.

Please note: Dairy products carry high tariff rates when crossing into Canada; you may feel some are worth it in spite of the tariff premium. This is a personal choice. Through years of experience, Enviroharvest Inc. can guide and assist in making your order complete, well balanced and cost effective.

If you have any questions, please contact the following and they would be more than happy to help:

Linda Hunter & Floris Van Ooyen
Enviroharvest, Inc.

888-810-4709 Toll Free

7166 Dale Rd, RR2
Port Hope, ON,

To go directly to the Ready Reserve Foods, Inc. section of the Enviroharvest website, please click the following:

Ready Reserve Foods

ORDER NOW (800) 453-2202


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