8 Point Shipping Process

Good shipping practices for large orders are actually very important in this industry. There are lots of ways your order can be damaged during the shipping process which could potentially compromise the quality of your food. Ready Reserve Foods protects our customers with our exclusive 8 Point Shipping process.

We use a discreet shipping process so that everybody in the neighborhood doesn’t know that you’re buying emergency food supplies. This is a security issue. Think about it—in the event of an emergency, do you really want the entire neighborhood knowing that you’re the only house with 1 year's supply of food in it?

ONE - Green Shrink Wrap
We cover your shipment with green shrink wrap. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for shipping companies to have pallets fall over or get damaged in the shipping process. When this happens, they simply reshrink the pallet with new shrink wrap. However, since nobody uses green shrink wrap, you’ll know when your order arrives if its been repackaged by the shipping company or not.

TWO - Corner Protectors
Corner Protectors on your pallet give the pallet additional strength and stability during the shipping process.

THREE - Do Not Stack Cones
Do-Not-Stack cones makes it difficult for any other objects to be placed on top of your order.

FOUR - Warning Sticker
We also place a warning sticker on the order.

FIVE - Listed Case Count
We have a listed case count for you to go over with the shipper.

SIX - Lift Gate Service
This ensures that your order is brought safely to your front door or garage.

SEVEN - Appointment Delivery Service
Appointment delivery helps to ensure that you know exactly when your order will arrive so that you're home when it's delivered.

EIGHT - Custom Shipping Quote
We provide custom shipping quotes on each order using 2 to 3 direct shippers and at least 3 shipping brokers besides UPS and Fedex to ensure that you get the best rate possible at the time you place your order.

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The Prepared Citizen's Guide to Emergency Food Supplies is full of great information for every responsible citizen who recognizes their duty to prepare their family in case of an emergency. Download this FREE guide in PDF format by simply clicking on the image above.

For more resources, be sure to watch the other family preparedness videos available here on our website.