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Nitrogen Preservation System

The Nitrogen Preservation System™ is Ready Reserve Food's exclusive nitrogen packing process that displaces all oxygen from the can with pure nitrogen and then seals the can in corrosion resistant steel with a double-enameled coating. This process is far superior to the use of oxygen absorbers, which is the most common method of preservation used in the industry.

Oxygen absorbers are designed to absorb the oxygen in a can because oxygen is the number one factor in the breakdown of natural food, and it enables any living organism to survive—like bacteria or mold. However, oxygen absorbers don’t work very well because they simply don’t absorb all of the oxygen. Also, oxygen absorbers create iron oxide (rust) which could cause your food to become contaminated.

At Ready Reserve Foods, we use our exclusive Nitrogen Preservation System™ which displaces 100% of all the oxygen and replaces it with pure nitrogen. This preserves the food in an inert atmosphere that gives the food an unparalleled shelf life of 15 years or more.

Other vendors offer something called "Nitrogen Flushing" which simply means that they quickly spray a bunch of nitrogen over the product before the can is sealed. This is an ineffective method because it doesn’t remove all of the oxygen. It would be similar to quickly spraying water in a bucket. That wouldn’t remove all of the air. But, if you slowly filled the bucket, all of the air would be displaced with the water. That is similar to what we do with our Exclusive NPS process.

What is the difference between NPS™ and Nitrogen Flushing?

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