About Ready Reserve Foods

Ready Reserve Foods, Inc. is dedicated to providing the finest quality and best value dehydrated foods in the industry. Food is as handy as the corner market for most of us. Fast food, supermarkets, and mini-marts make food almost instantly available. Many people have become more and more health conscious. Others continue the sufficiency essential in earlier times – preserving the abundance of gardens and fresh produce.

Probably, as in no other time, eating is easy! For dieters, vegetarians, junk food junkies, whatever your food preference -it’s out there and easily accessible. We are accustomed to convenience.

PROBLEM – Could convenience ruin your future?
SOLUTION – Ready Reserve is the answer to securing your food future.

Our variety of grains, fruits, vegetables, desserts, drinks and more makes menu planning easy. Every can comes with instructions and/or recipes. We also sell recipe books to help you create meals of popular and familiar dishes.

As a pioneer in the food storage industry over 37 years ago, we have grown to become the premier supplier of low-moisture dehydrated foods packaged for long term storage. Our unique canning method assures the highest quality of long-term food storage available anywhere in the world.

Quality is our standard, and it is evident in our purchasing (our buyer is fussy) as well as in our canning process. We have helped thousands of individuals and families obtain that “peace of mind” that comes by being prepared for the uncertainties of the future.
It is our goal to take people from a simple three-day supply of preparedness items to a full year’s supply.

Ready Reserve Foods, Inc. is located in Twin Falls, Idaho. We were established in 1972 and have continued perfecting our products over time. We are proud to be the leading supplier in the preparedness foods industry. Ready Reserve Foods is a family owned and operated company. Our family takes pride in what we do, not only in the quality of our products, but also in our customer satisfaction.

Ready Reserve is Unique

Just a couple of notes to indicate those things that make us unique:
  • We are the oldest, continually operating food storage company in the country, still in business, that has “real-time” tested the foods beyond the standard shelf life. There is credibility in our statement that the shelf life of our food is 12-20+ years. Our foods have been “real-time” tested for over 26 years and maintained an edible nutritional value.
  • We use a Vacuum-Nitrogen canning process. This means that the oxygen in the can is mechanically vacuumed out and then nitrogen is drawn in. This creates an “inert” atmosphere giving the food the extended shelf life of well over 12 years. This also means that we do not have to use oxygen absorbers (chemical packets) that will only extend shelf life a short time.
  • We use heavy duty, double enamel lined cans that do not leak. They are the highest quality cans on the market. This keeps the nitrogen in the can for shelf life integrity and keeps the food from ever coming in direct contact with metal. The food will not get that metal taste that most people are accustomed to with food storage. Plus, our cans are made here in the US from US Steel.
  • We apply our own “time tested” recipes to insure longevity and great taste.
  • We carefully evaluate all incoming raw materials and send back products that do not meet our quality standards.
  • We offer a complete nutritionally balanced package of food items. Not just calories, but vitamins and minerals to keep you as healthy as possible during a stressful time. In an emergency, the lack of some nutrients can cause serious health problems in only a few months and make a bad situation that much worse.
Ready Reserve Foods

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The Prepared Citizen's Guide to Emergency Food Supplies is full of great information for every responsible citizen who recognizes their duty to prepare their family in case of an emergency. Download this FREE guide in PDF format by simply clicking on the image above.

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